Contest Announcement: Knockdown Challenge

Contest Announcement: Knockdown Challenge


Our previous winner /u/giaxxon had plenty of time with the year rollover to come up with a new challenge, and boy it’s a doozy: The Knockdown Challenge
**Eligibility & Submission Deadline**

All projects must be started on or after January 15 2018 and completed before February 26 2018 to be eligible for entry. (Submission entry is closed on Feb 26th at 11:59 PM PST)
**Contest Rules**

* All entries must knock down from their finished state into easily transported/storable pieces.

* Each individual component **must fit through a hoop of 12″ in diameter**. This doesn’t mean everything through the hoop at the same time, but each piece passes through the hoop on its own.

* Screws, nails, cross dowels, cams, bolts, and dominoes are all acceptable forms of joinery.

* Any finishing method is allowed. (Poly, Shellac, Stain, Paint, Soap, whathaveyou)

* Wood must be the primary material used. No metal frames with wood panels, etc.

**Submission Guidelines**

To enter you must document your build from raw materials to completed project. The documentation does not need to be an extensive how-to, just an overview of the build. While not necessary to show photos of each piece passing through the hoop, **any entry with components deemed skeptical will require additional approval for entry.** (e.g. I’m gonna ask you for a photo of it passing through a hoop.)

Use whatever image hosting service you like and post the link to /r/woodworking. The key here is it needs to be apparent that you’ve built the entry. *Submissions of finished photos only will not be accepted for entry.*

Send me (/u/Clock_Man) **a PM in the following format** for project entry:

(Subject: Knockdown Challenge Entry)

* Username
* Project Title
* Album URL

**Entries not using this format will not be accepted.**

Winners will be given bragging rights, the choice of our next contest, and will be immortalized for the next year in the sub sidebar.

Good luck and get building for the first contest of 2018!


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